Single-Phase Energy Manager Clever - Monitoring -
Try out the monitoring and supervision system of a real PV system right now,
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Single-Phase Energy Manager Clever - Monitoring


Monitoraggio 1

The CLEVER Energy Manager does not just measure the photovoltaic energy production, it also constantly monitors production with respect to forecast performance in real time.

CONNET has developed an exclusive performance monitoring system for the CLEVER Energy Manager, which does not require expensive delicate radiation sensors.

Monitoraggio 2
The productivity of each photovoltaic system that is monitored by CLEVER is assessed with respect to the sun radiation satellite data in the installation area in real time.
These data and those collected by the other photovoltaic systems in the area enable the CONNET CONTROL CENTER to process the forecast productivity of the monitored system (whose data are sent by the configuration procedure), and promptly inform the user and installer of any falls in performance or system stops by sending them messages and alarms.

Monitoraggio 3

The User is informed of the system faults and productivity drops with respect to forecast through an efficient, user-friendly icon mask.
The installer receives detailed numerical data which are used to evaluate the causes for the signal or alarm that are sent by the CONNET CONTROL CENTER.