Three-Phase Energy Manager Clever -
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Three-Phase Energy Manager Clever -



Clever Three-Phase

CLEVER THREE-PHASE Energy Manager from 6 to 200 kWp (and more). Designed for energy management in offices or industry with photovoltaic installations.
A complete, rapidly installed, user-friendly supervision and management system.
Simple powerful equipment supported by the "CLEVER WEB", an efficient supervision and monitoring service offered by the Connet Control Center for ongoing control of the photovoltaic productivity and the domestic users.

CLEVER is installed in a few minutes in the home control panel, and contains extremely precise Ampere sensors (0.6% full scale), which measure the energy that is produced and exchanged with the grid, analysing the energy consumed by the users and providing a complete picture of:

  • Output produced and consumed (kW)
  • Energy production (kWh) by time slot
  • Purchased Energy (kWh) by time slot
  • Active Power (kWh) by time slot
  • Reactive Power (kWh) by time slot
  • Power Factor
  • Sold Energy (kWh) by time slot
  • Energy consumption (kWh) by time slot
  • Energy self-consumption (kWh) by time slot
  • Consumption optimisation indicator (shows when the user is on self-consumption or exchange mode)
  • Incentive (Euro)
  • Unlimited datalog of the readings
  • Analysis of the reading log
  • 5 Relays for remote user piloting
  • System productivity monitoring compared with the local reference level in real time (service provided by the CONNET CONTROL CENTER)
  • System alarm performance control (service provided by the CONNET CONTROL CENTER)

Maximum installation flexibility:
The two CTs in the CLEVER device can be connected in different ways: on the production and user lines, on the exchange and user lines, or on the production and exchange lines (see the wiring diagrams) according to the specific needs of each electrical installation. Through the configuration procedure CLEVER automatically receives the selected method and provides the relative monitoring data.

> Installation diagram for the
Three-Phase Energy Manager Clever