Three-Phase Energy Manager Clever - Connectivity -
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Three-Phase Energy Manager Clever - Connectivity


Clever Energy Manager: a web device that can link to the internet in 3 different ways - LAN, WIFI or GPRS in order to ensure connectivity in all circumstances.

The system monitoring and management software can be consulted locally by a home PC using the "PC CLEVER" software or the smart CLEVER VIEW monitor, or remotely by internet link using the "CLEVER WEB" service connecting to the internet by PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
With the CLEVER WEB service from the Connet Control Center the User and his Installer will receive notifications and alarm messages in case of production decrease or system malfunction. Through the Connet Control Center, both the User and Installer will have continous access to the latest updates for the software and firmware, which can be downloaded online and also loaded to the CLEVER MASTER BOX using the built-in USB port.

Clever Three-Phase Connectivity

Using the remote control relays in the three-phase CLEVER MASTER BOX control unit, users can be automatically activated as the sun radiation changes, maximising personal consumption and return on investment.
There are 5 remote control relays in the clever three-phase MASTER BOX control unit, and they can also be activated according to the settable digital signals (0-5V; 0-10V, 4-20mA), the connected loads can be piloted automatically or by user command (locally or remotely through the portal).